Ask PHT: Where is the best place for my smoke detector?

4457092Aside from the standard smoke alarm safety tips like replacing your smoke detectors every 10 years and replacing batteries twice a year (we recommend at daylight savings so you always remember), placement of your smoke detectors is also very important.

Keep Detectors up High
Heat rises so be sure to place the sensor on the ceiling or very high on the wall.

Keep Detectors Away from Certain Areas
-The Kitchen
cooking can easily trigger the alarm
-The Bathroom
shower stream can easily trigger the alarm
-Near the Fireplace
place your detectors on the opposite side of the room from the fireplace, as heat can easily trigger the alarm

Keep Detectors in the Bedroom
-The NFPA recommends that homeowners have a smoke detector inside each bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level.
-The bedroom is the best room for your detector; you need the alarm close to your door so that it can wake you up if it sounds at night. Plus, bedrooms typically don’t have a lot of things that can easily trigger the alarm.

Keep Detectors Connected to Your Home Security
Monitored fire alarm systems not only protect your family and home while you sleep, but also protect your residence and property when you aren’t at home. If your family is asleep when a fire breaks out, the noxious fumes and toxic smoke from the fire can leave you unconscious before your smoke detector even sounds. Or, what if you are away at work, running an errand or out of town? With PHT’s integrated fire alarm systems, you can rest easier knowing that the fire department will be automatically notified if a detector sounds.

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