The Power-Connect Cloud


Network Camera Features:

  • Watch Live Feeds
  • Access Stored Footage
  • And Remotely Control Cameras

All From the Smartphone or Tablet App.

Friendly Setup

No port forwarding or local network configuration Needed.

Our system automatically discovers compatible cameras on the network, then with one tap on your device, the software is added to the camera.


Secure Data Transfers

  • All cameras running our software are non-discoverable and have NAT and UPNP disabled by default
  • Camera passwords are encrypted and never transmitted outside of your local network.
  • Videos are stored and accessed via Amazon Web Services. All files are sent over encrypted TLS or HTTPS channel.


  • Our systems can work along with and NVR/DVR for additional backup or replace them all together.
  • With NVR: In Cloud + NVR mode, the system will allow the NVR to use the main-stream to record at any given resolution and frame rate. It will then record motion events and transmit a live feed using the sub-stream at a variable bit rate SD resolution.
  • Without NVR: In Cloud only mode, the system uses the sub-stream for live feed at a variable bit rate SD resolution then records motion events using the main-stream at 720p.

Advanced remote control

  • Remote access and control: Access live feeds and recorded footage on the go via a mobile or tablet device. Change settings and enable recording from anywhere.
  • Motion Alerts: Set up email or push notification alerts from the app.
  • Detection zones: Mask out areas where you don't want to trigger motion.
  • Sensitivity: Adjust sensitivity to reduce or decrease the number of alerts you receive.
  • Automatic updates: The Manything software can be updated remotely