Save Energy & Money Starting at Home

Automation with Geofencing

Create location-based schedules that make adjustments to your home automation systems based on your location. This can include having a specific light turn on whenever you are away and even turning on the A/C when you get too close.  Here are a few additional things you can do:

  • Thermostat adjusts
  • Lights turn on/off
  • Door locks/unlocks
  • Garage Door opens/closes

Smart home devices control your environment and budget.

It happens without thinking: Lights are left on, the thermostat gets set too high or too low for too long, or appliances quietly rack up energy bills without being used.

Home automation puts you in control with remote access through your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can also easily set up and adjust schedules that fit your lifestyle and save money.


Remote access and programming make your thermostat energy-efficient and keep your house comfortable.


Turn your lights on or off from almost anywhere. Save money and discourage burglars at the same time.


Forgot to turn off the TV?  Pulling the plug is as easy as opening a smartphone app.

Your budget can be cut down with our smart home devices.
Cut costs with our wireless energy devices. You'll not only save money, but the environment as well.


With home management you save resources and money. The U.S. Department of Energy has estimated that you can save between 5-15% a year with an efficient heating and cooling system in your home.

Programmable thermostats are being taken one step further with smartphone access, allowing even greater control and more savings.