Wireless Home Security Meets Home Automation


Affordable smart home technology is at your fingertips with access from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This allows you to connect your security, lights, locks, thermostats, video, and more — for seamless automation and control.  Convenience is but a call away, with enhanced security benefits as well.

Check out the video to the right to learn more about our home automation solutions and how they can help keep your life connected and in complete control.

Never wonder if you locked the front door again

Power Home Technologies has partnered with Alarm.com in order to give you remote access to your home, even when you’re away. Alarm.com connects all of the key devices in your home providing you with an intelligent services platform that offers responsive automation and seamless control. Now your home can adjust automatically to you.

When you leave your garage door open, our wireless security system will alert you.
Our wireless door locks keep you alerted and in control of who is entering your home.
Enhance your home automation system with our wireless security cameras in HD.
Control your lights by smartphone or voice.
Get complete control over your smart home devices with your smartphone.
There are many benefits to having a home automation solution.

Key Benefits of Home Automation

  • Automatically lock doors when system arms
  • Automatically turn on lights when front door opens
  • Set lighting schedules to fit your lifestyle
  • Connect all your devices to work together
  • Get a text alert with an image whenever the front door opens
  • Protect your business with automatic system arming
  • Arm your system and automatically lock the door, turn off the lights, and adjust the thermostat


Turn on or off your lights through remote access. This enables you to come back to a well lit home at the end of the day, or just make it look like you are there. With the ability to turn them off remotely, you never have to worry about forgetting the lights on your way out the door.

Forgot to turn out a light? Want to turn them on while on vacation? All of this can be done plus much more.
Your door might be locked or maybe not. With our wireless door locks, you'll be alerted every time.


Check on your home at any time for the confidence to know your door is locked, or to lock it just in case you forgot. Allow your neighbor or dog sitter in while your away with a simple temporary code instead of having to make them a key.


More than just having your home at the temperature you want it, you can reduce your power bill by making sure your thermostat is on when you need it and off when you don't.

Our thermostat can save you energy costs.
Our wireless security system can alert you when you leave your garage door open.


Just like a standard door lock, a standard garage door opener is useful. With your home automation system opener, you can check its status from anywhere, and even open or close it when you're away from home.

Check on your garage door remotely or set it to open and close based on how close to home you are.

Use your video feeds to do more than deter burglars. Keep an eye or your kids or check on that wonderful new puppy at home.

Alert Pendants & Watches assist seniors in their struggle for independence. Ensure that they can get emergency assistance when they need it.

Keep the burglars out with the ability to lock and unlock your doors from virtually anywhere.

Don't get out of bed just because it's too warm. With the smartphone app, you can control your thermostat and get back to sleep faster.

Turn your lights on and off with your phone, so you can keep that energy bill in check.