Get Notified Faster with ASAPer

Settle Alarms Faster with
10x faster alarm response

Better than ever, ASAPer allows both home and corporate customers to use an interactive messaging hub to manage their security systems. 

ASAPer allows you to talk to your wireless alarm faster and get to the problem.

Talk to your alarm faster

Get notified when an alarm occurs with a chat room for call list members to manage the issue.

  • Chat via web, SMS, or email
  • Reach out to anyone who hasn't responded 
  • Get real-time updates and notifications from the alarm monitoring center

Use any device to respond

Don't worry about phone tag

You can receive alerts and respond to ASAPer's
chatroom from any phone or computer.

With ASAPer, you can receive a response and communication to any device you prefer.
With ASAPer, our alarm response system is easier than ever to manage.

Easy Alarm Response System

Interact with the alarm right from the browser.

  • Get emergency assistance
  • Declare a false alarm

With ASAPer alarm reporting is instant

When an alarm occurs, ASAPer's patented system ensures
everyone on the call list is contacted rapidly. 

Our wireless alarm reporting is instant.

seamless setup

For owners of our PHT security system.

  • No downloads or new hardware
  • Integrates with any existing system
  • Access from any smart phone, tablet, or computer

get ASAPer now!